yamas – recipe sharing app

Instead of saying "cheers" before a meal, my family (and most Greeks) would say "Ya mas!" It's a Greek phrase that means "To our health".

I am two months into a lockdown due to a global pandemic. I miss my friends, I miss live music, and I miss eating good food at restaurants. I miss chicken wings (this is half a joke and half serious). The other day I pulled out my phone (it was probably already in my hand) and searched for a buffalo chicken wing recipe. I saw dozens of results on Google and decided to click the first link that caught my attention. The first result was littered with advertisements. I needed to scroll about a mile through completely unrelated content before I saw the recipe to make my beloved chicken wings.

I promise you, it was much worse than this

The experience was annoying and time consuming. I asked myself if a "Medium for recipes" existed. Should I design it? Yes. Recipe websites today are filled with bloat. It wouldn't be very difficult to put the user's needs at front and center when working on this project. I was the user. As a user I wanted the ability to quickly parse ingredients and steps. If I was at a grocery store and needed to reference the page I would've pulled my hair at the existing offerings.

I decided to position a section which included the recipe's ingredients and supplies up at the top. This information is typically the deciding factor for a number of things. Do I need to go to the grocery store and buy anything? Once I'm at the grocery store can I quickly reference this page or will it be a hassle? These are all questions that run through my mind when considering a meal to cook.

I think a downfall of the current design is that I don't address the sometimes asynchronous nature of cooking-- while doing X, you should also be finishing up Y. Most chefs and writers of recipes don't take the time to consider a solution that involves design. Instead, the steps are written out synchronous and linear. Good design can solve this problem. Chicken wings might be an easy recipe but a surf and turf meal has you cooking on multiple surfaces at the same time. In future iterations to this concept I plan to address these problems. Stay tuned!